Here we present a case of the potential of healing disease with proper endodontic treatment. Pre-operatively the case displayed a large distal root lesion with significant furcation involvement, buccal swelling and probing that could essentially reach the root apex. Without any definitive proof of non-restorable tooth/root fracture, including pre-operative CBCT, we decided to initiate root canal treatment with the intent of saving the tooth. Upon the initial appointment the case was completely instrumented and medicated for 8 weeks (no sponge/cotton pellet used). At the completion appointment, we had already noted significant lesion healing with no clinical signs or symptoms. At 1 year, it appeared that the bone had completely regenerated with continued breakdown of the extruded medication. The patient remains asymptomatic with no clinical signs/symptoms. Unfortunately, we did note that the chamber appearance looks suspiciously similar to our post-operative radiograph. This may suggest retention of the sponge that was used to temporized the endodontic access at case completion. We have already reached out the restorative dentist to see if this can be rectified so that long term prognosis can remain excellent.