TRAUMA AND CBCT: Yet another trauma case where CBCT evaluation was an integral part of diagnosis and treatment planning. This patient presented to our office two days after taking an elbow to the mouth during a volleyball match. The patient stated immediately following the incident, he noted bleeding of the gingival sulcus and pain tooth #8. He denied tooth movement or malpositioning. Tooth #8 had a full coverage crown, was tender to percussion and palpation, Class III mobility, no response to cold, no isolated deep probing depths, and widened PDL space in the apical third. Teeth #6, 7, 9, 10, and 24-27 were also evaluated and were within normal limits. CBCT evaluation of tooth #8 demonstrated an oblique horizontal root fracture extending from the pulp chamber to the facial surface of the root in the coronal third. Due to severe mobility and coronal nature of the root fracture, tooth #8 was deemed non-restorable and recommended for extraction and replacement.