Enhance Your Smile With Dental Implants in Chicago, IL

Your smile makes all the difference-no matter the situation. You smile when you spend time with family and
friends. You smile in job interviews or at company parties to make a good impression. You flash your smile
more than you think, so you should make sure it looks its best.

At Renovo Endodontic Studio in Chicago, IL, we want you to feel confident and stunning the next time you
show your pearly whites. If you need to care for or improve your smile, trust us to provide you with the
endodontic and oral surgery services you need.

Your Teeth, Our Specialty

We aim to provide our clients in Chicago, IL and the surrounding areas with quality, up-to-date dental
care. We specialize in endodontics to provide you with services you need but may not find at a general
dentist’s office. Turn to our experts if you need any of the following services:

  • Oral surgery
  • Dental implants
  • Tooth extractions
  • Tooth therapy
  • Trauma management

We offer a root canal procedure to care for teeth with infected or inflamed dental pulp. Our facility also
uses state-of-the-art digital X-rays and 3D imaging to get a complete view of your teeth before we treat you.

To schedule a service, or to learn more about how we can assist you, call our Chicago, IL office at

Roscoe Village

Chicago, Illinois

p: 773.975.4230 · f: 773.795.4231
2125 W. Roscoe Street · Suite 2
Chicago, IL 60618

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