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About Us

10 years ago, we took a chance on an idea. An idea that we could create a local, independent endodontic studio that provides patients with better care, and even better treatments. Our commitment and dedication to those values are what drives us. Today, we’re honored to be one of the highest-patient rated and fastest-growing endodontic studios in all of Chicagoland.


Highly qualified and specialized team

While our endodontists are from the top of their class, they’re as caring as they are skilled, which is why we have the highest referral rating of any endodontists in Chicago.


Your teeth are in great hands

Our 95% treatment success rate is far above industry averages. So rest assured you’re getting the best care from the top endodontists in the Midwest. No matter what you need, we’ll be by your side from diagnosis to treatment to after care and follow ups.


Our work raises the standard

Our commitment to staying up to date on the latest technology and treatments enables us to deliver better results, which is just a fancy way of saying we’re constantly developing new ways to improve our patients’ experiences.

Meet our specialists

We’re a team with diverse backgrounds and skill sets that enable us to provide superior results and service like no other.

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Meet our administrative team

Our experienced and friendly administrative staff are pros at helping you schedule your next appointment or answering any questions you might have.