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What is a root canal?

Root canals are the most common procedure at our endodontic studios. They’re generally a painless and quick procedure, similar to an appointment for a filling or crown. Also, most patients are relieved to know that root canals are meant to last a lifetime.

The procedure involves first numbing the tooth to ensure the procedure is painless. Then a protective shield is placed over the tooth to keep it clean and dry. Next, an opening is made through the crown and into the pulp chamber of the tooth. Using small instruments, the pulp is removed, and the tooth is reshaped. Then the canal is filled, sealed and a temporary filling is placed over the tooth. The last step is visiting your dentist, where a permanent crown or restoration will be placed over the tooth.

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Cracked tooth

Fractures or cracks in teeth can be caused by anything from normal eating habits to grinding teeth. Fractures are classified into several different categories from minor (craze lines), which are superficial and usually only affect the appearance of the tooth, to split teeth or vertical root fractures, which would render a tooth non-salvageable. Patients who have the latter may experience pain while chewing, with or without temperature sensitivity. Sometimes patients may experience no pain at all. Our diagnostic technology will help determine if a cracked tooth can be saved based on the extent of the fracture.

Root canal treatment


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