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Root canal retreatment

In a few cases, the original root canal procedure may need to be retreated due to persistent bacteria within the tooth. Here are a few potential causes for persistent bacteria inside the tooth:


  1. The permanent restoration was not placed in a timely fashion, which re-contaminated the tooth due to leakage from saliva.
  2. The natural tooth structure became decayed and bacteria entered the root canal system.
  3. A previous existing infection with the tooth did not properly heal with root canal treatment.
  4. Previously treated canal space was not sufficiently cleaned.

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Retreatment is not practical when:

  1. Retreatment may cause irreversible damage to the crown.
  2. There are issues within the root canal filling that retreatment may be unable to correct.
  3. The tooth has unusual root anatomy which retreatment may not be able to address.

In these cases, microsurgery may be the best option for the tooth.

Cracked tooth treatment


Locations that specialize in cracked tooth surgeries