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Tooth extraction


While our first goal is to protect and extend the life of our patient’s teeth, we know they can become damaged and cause significant pain. If the issue can’t be improved through treatment, tooth extraction may be necessary.

Removing a damaged or painful tooth can relieve pain, prevent further infection, and help patients achieve the smile they want. After a tooth extraction, there are a number of tooth replacement options to choose from, such as dental implants, if needed.

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Reasons for a tooth extraction


  1. Advanced or repeated decay damage to the tooth
  2. Periodontal disease has affected the tooth or its roots
  3. A sports injury or other trauma that’s damaged the tooth
  4. The tooth causes severe pain and other treatments haven’t helped
  5. One or more wisdom teeth are unable to grow normally
  6. The teeth are too crowded to become aligned properly during orthodontic treatments

Tooth extraction


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