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X-ray and image of root canal treated teeth

Success/Failure (of root canal treated teeth) – The prognosis for endodontically treated teeth depends on 3 main factors which are as follows: 1] How good is the root canal? 2] Is there an appropriate restoration for the endodontically treated tooth? How good is the restoration? 3] THE PATIENT: We like to call this the X-Factor. It is up to the patient to maintain the dental work so that it will last as long as the expected. Here, the endodontic treatment and restorative treatment were adequate when compared to older radiographs, but recurrent decay set in underneath the prosthesis rendering the molar non-restorable. We managed this case by sectioning the existing bridge, extracting the non-restorable tooth, grafting the socket to prepare the site for a dental implant, and placing an implant in the site of the previously missing tooth.

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