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Here we present a case where both restorative dentist and periodontist were a little unsure as to what could be done here with regards to the large resorption defect on the mesio-palatal aspect. Periodontal surgery was initially in the plan should the tooth be deemed restorable. We deconstructed the case via complete canal instrumentation, degranulation of the resorption defect, and medication with Ca[OH]2. On the second visit, we completed the root canal and repaired the defect with Brasseler Root Repair Material and sealed it with a dual cured core composite. At 8 weeks between treatment initiation and completion, the soft tissue response was excellent where there was once a soft tissue abscess. Additionally, we see bony healing as well. Restoratively, we have recommend a 3/4 crown with a supragingival termination on the palatal aspect. This case will be followed closely in the coming months.

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