Compromised Teeth: Root Resorption and Bone Loss | Renovo Endodontic Studio

Compromised Teeth...

X-rays of a compromised tooth

Compromised Teeth: Here is an interesting case where there are 2 things going on with the same tooth. First, there is significant bone loss around one of the roots (see green arrows) which would seem to suggest possible fracture (this tooth also had deep isolated probing in a specific area which would also support non-restorable fracture). Additionally, there is root resorption associated with the same root (see red arrow). Due to circumstances outside of our control, we did not complete this case for 6 months. We were happy to see that not only did we achieve complete bony healing, but we were also able to demonstrate the full extent of the resorption defect (red arrow) with multiple root exits. Pretty cool!

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