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Compromised Teeth...

X-rays and images of a tooth

Compromised Teeth: Let us preface this post first by saying that choosing to save compromised teeth requires very clear communication between the patient, comprehensive dentist, and the specialist. There are many factors involved in making decisions to save or not to save teeth. Here, the factor that would limit success of the tooth is the restorative aspect, and not the endodontic treatment. Although a dental implant may be a more predictable long term outcome, longevity of the tooth truly depends on the patient so long as the endodontic and restorative treatment are adequate (i.e. maintaining hygiene and always be aware of avoiding hard foods to eat). Additionally, very careful communication has been made between the dental team and the patient. Here, we are taking advantage of 2 roots that are divergent so that fiber-reinforced posts can be placed to retain the core material which will ultimately support the crown. Long term prognosis is still moderately favorable in this case.

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