endodontic complication

The case below demonstrates a tooth where this patient’s dentist attempted RCT on #15 and separated a 15 mm fragment of file in the MB root and was unable to locate the DB canal. Ultrasonics and magnification using the endodontic microscope allowed for retrieval of a 12 mm fragment of file. The apical 3 mm was too severely bound to be removed. Fortunately, we were still able to bypass the apical fragment and disinfect the area apically which is shown by the sealer puff at the apex of the MB root. Using CBCT, we were able to locate DB and instrument to length. Tooth #14 was also treated due to the chronic infection and was treated uneventfully despite even more significant curvatures and an extremely conservative access. This highlights that rotary is only a supplement to hand instrumentation and cannot replace hand instrumentation as many rotary instrument companies try to push.

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