Implant and Endodontic Repair

Here is an interesting case of endodontics and implant dentistry working hand in hand (the sequence of treatment timeline is from left to right). This patient was diagnosed with a symptomatic pulpitis #2 and non-restorable #3 simultaneously. This patient was informed pre-extraction of #3 that a conventional sinus augmentation could be necessary to allow for adequate bone volume for a dental implant. This patient was unwilling to pursue this procedure. After conventional endodontic therapy on #2 and extraction/site preservation of site #3 was done. A CBCT was taken to deterimine that we were able to use a standard sized implant angled in such a manner to follow the palatal root socket of site #3. In this way, the patient was able to get her dental implant without sinus augmentation. This case could not be possible without the aid of the CBCT!

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