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How Endodontists Save Your Natural Tooth


Every dentist will tell you they want to help you save your teeth for a lifetime—and while general dentists do the vital work of helping prevent diseases that contribute to tooth loss, endodontists are the experts at saving damaged teeth. A tooth that’s experienced trauma isn’t always viable, and it’s no small task, but your Chicagoland endodontists at Renovo will do everything in their power to save your natural tooth.

Endodontists are everyday superheroes—and we’ll show you how they work hard to earn your trust.


The Everyday Superhero: How Endodontists Save Your Natural Tooth

Why Some People Have a Hard Time Trusting Superheroes (at First!)

If you’ve ever watched a superhero film, you know that the average, everyday person tends to be somewhat skeptical of the hero. Can they be trusted? Will they use their powers for good? Or will they end up causing more harm?

Like the superheroes of comic books, TV shows, and film, endodontists have experienced their fair share of a lack of trust. The reason for this often has to do with the cost of treatment and the scary reputation that root canal procedures can have.

Endodontics is a dental specialty and requires years of extra training because of the intricacy of the work. When comparing the cost of root canal treatment or other endodontic treatment with an extraction, many people are surprised by the difference in price.

We know our patients are understandably cautious when they must make a decision that involves a significant investment. But we want you to know that we take our work very seriously and believe that saving your natural teeth is often the best course of action. After all, nothing beats the look or function of a natural tooth.


7 Reasons Why We Believe Endodontists Are Everyday Superheroes

The superheroes in movies feel called to a life that requires sacrifice and courage. They display the bravery and fortitude needed to save the day.

Endodontists share these same superhero qualities. Here’s how.

1. They Receive Rigorous Training

A lot of training goes into becoming a hero. Even a superhero with innate powers must learn how to control and develop them.

Endodontists are no different. They receive at least two years of training beyond dental school for specialized endodontic training. In total, an endodontist will receive 10-11 years of training:

  • Four years of college
  • Four years of dental school
  • Two to three years of endodontic residency

That is two-and-a-half times longer than the average engineering degree.

2. Endodontists Are Ready to Jump into Action

If a patient sees an endodontist, it’s not unlikely that in most cases, they’re experiencing some level of pain. Endodontists must be ready to jump into action, seeing emergency patients and providing services to help them get out of pain as soon as possible.

3. They Don’t Let Fear Get in the Way

Superheroes are called upon to tackle issues that the general population can’t handle without help.

General dentists are experts in their own right at diagnosing and treating their patient’s dental problems. Sometimes, though, those issues are so complex that they need some specialized assistance.

This is where endodontists come in. They’re not afraid to tackle those challenges. They’ve been trained to successfully treat teeth with calcified canals, painful infections, or teeth that have problematic existing root canals.

4. Chicago Endodontists Serve the Needs of Their Community

Captain America, Superman, and Spider-Man weren’t just out to save the world. They wanted to protect their local communities and help improve their neighbors’ lives.

Renovo’s Chicagoland endodontists have that drive as well. Even though they’re human, and the pain and anxiety of their patients can take a physical, mental, and emotional toll, they still persevere. Why do we do this? It’s our love of our local communities—and because we want the best outcome for our patients.

5. Endodontists Have Immense Empathy

You can’t be hardhearted and be a successful endodontist. This job takes a lot of empathy. The pain our patients experience touches our hearts, and we can’t wait to take action and make them feel better.

6. They’re Driven by Curiosity

Like Iron Man and Bruce Banner, endodontists are inquisitive. We want to know the root cause of a problem, and we’ll ask our patients the right questions to determine the best course of action.

7. They Value and Practice Honesty

Some superheroes’ moral compasses are stronger than others. Think Superman and Captain America. Their honesty and overall goodness helped them serve those around them.

Similarly, our endodontists are completely honest with our patients. We’ll tell patients exactly what’s going on with their tooth, what’s causing the problem, and what’s needed to fix it. If a root canal isn’t the best treatment option for a tooth, we will also make sure to let our patients know.

How Renovo’s Endodontists Save the Day for Their Patients

We know what it takes for someone to be an endodontic superhero—the question now is: How do endodontists save the day? Here are a few ways they’ve proved themselves as heroes to their grateful patients. They help patients:

  • Get back on the field after a sports injury
  • Eliminate tooth sensitivity, making eating delicious foods (like ice cream) enjoyable again
  • Save money by utilizing the latest 3D imaging technology to catch and diagnose issues in the early stages—sometimes when the problem is still reversible
  • Regain their confidence after sustaining a traumatic injury to their face
  • Discover the source of their pain that no one else was able to identify
  • Restore missing teeth with dental implants, thereby reducing personal struggles that are the result of poor dentition (like low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and embarrassment)

We’re Here to Save the Day—and Save Your Teeth

We know that patients who come to see us are often in a lot of pain. It is our goal to not only reduce or eliminate that pain as quickly as possible, but also to do all we can to save their natural tooth.

We use the best tools, techniques, and technology to accomplish this. We also stay up to date with continuing education to better serve their dental needs.

Just as Superman fights for truth, justice, and the American way, endodontic superheroes fight for better oral health, preserving natural teeth, and eradicating pain. When you need dental help, we’re here for you!

Are you experiencing dental pain or tooth sensitivity? Contact our team to schedule a consultation with one of our endodontic specialists. 

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