Is This Tooth Regeneration? | Renovo Endodontic Studio


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Here is an interesting case of a 7yo healthy female who had a history of sustained odontogenic trauma from an incident on the playground. At the time of presentation, the patient had buccal swelling of #9, signs of arrested development of the tooth, Grade III mobility and incisal edges of both maxillary centrals with several millimeters of discrepency. Several factors impacted our treatment decision, age being most significant. We decided to disinfect the tooth first and attempt regeneration to see if we couldn’t get the tooth to continue to develop. At 1 year post treatment the patient remains asymptomatic, soft tissue looks healthy, and the incisal edges are becoming more even with no ankylosis. Most interestlngly, however, is that the tooth did not continue to develop but rather “osteoid” has formed in the same shape as the tooth would been had it developed properly (see adjacent tooth #8). Can’t wait to see the 2 year recall. Stay tuned!!

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