Compromised Teeth: Fractured Crown | Renovo Endodontic Studio

Compromised Teeth

X-rays and close ups of compromised teeth

Compromised teeth: Many times the limiting factor in the prognosis of teeth requiring endodontic treatment is the restorative aspect. Here we present a case in which rerstorability may be in question becuase fo the fractured portion of the crown. As part of the endodontic treatment, we repaired the portion of the crown prior to initiating the endodontic treatment. The endodontic treatment is quite standard, but we would like to point out the soft tissue response of our repair at 6 weeks when the case was completed. The difference betweent he pre-operative photo and the 6 week follow-up is significantly different and also gives the restorative dentist confidence that restoration is possible and with good long term success.

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