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What Is the True Cost of Tooth Extractions?

Tooth Extraction Cost

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for someone to choose or opt out of a dental procedure based solely on the cost of the service.

We understand the concern, and Renovo is here to help you make the best decision possible—both for your wallet and for your health. Transparency with patients regarding dental costs is a top priority for us at Renovo.

Today, we look at tooth extractions and the costs surrounding them.


What Is the True Cost of Tooth Extractions?

Why Do Some Patients Need Extractions?

First, let’s explore why patients may require an extraction.

A dentist recommends an extraction for three reasons:

  • Severe dental decay
  • Trauma
  • Gum disease

Severe dental decay weakens the tooth, which can make it difficult to extract in certain situations.

A tooth that has endured some form of trauma can result in a necrotic pulp or a significant fracture. If, for some reason, a root canal is not possible, a Renovo dental specialist may recommend an extraction. In cases where the tooth is fractured at the root/gumline, surgical removal may be necessary.

Gum disease is one of the most common causes of tooth loss due to bone loss. In advanced cases of periodontal disease, there simply is not enough bone left to support the tooth.

How Much Does a Tooth Extraction Cost?

Ultimately, the cost of an extraction depends on the type of extraction procedure that is needed. The cost can range from a couple hundred dollars for a simple extraction to thousands of dollars for multiple extractions of impacted teeth. The type of anesthesia required for the procedure can increase the price as well, as can the cost of living in the area in which the patient lives.

What can a patient expect to pay for an extraction? A patient is responsible for the entire cost of the extraction if they do not have insurance. When a patient does have insurance, they will be responsible for their portion of the co-pay, in addition to their deductible, if it has not yet been met.

Simple Extractions

A simple extraction is one in which a dentist uses forceps to gently rock the tooth out of the socket in the bone. A dentist can perform a single simple extraction or multiple simple extractions in one appointment, depending on the patient’s needs.

Surgical Extractions

In more complex cases, a dentist will need to perform a surgical procedure to remove the tooth. Using hand instruments and/or a high-speed handpiece, they can remove the tooth and any underlying infection. Once the procedure is complete, the dentist will often place sutures to ensure proper healing of the gum tissue.


The Renovo endodontic team offers multiple sedation options to help make the extraction experience more comfortable. Sedation costs vary depending on the medications used and how they are administered. Some options include:

  • Nitrous oxide: An inhaled gas is used to induce feelings of relaxation and calm. The gas is inhaled at the start of and throughout the procedure.
  • Conscious sedation: Oral medications are prescribed and taken before the patient arrives at their Renovo endodontic studio. The patient is awake during the entire procedure but is in a relaxed state.
  • General anesthesia: Sedation medication is administered via an IV. The patient is so relaxed that they fall asleep during the procedure. This is an ideal option for patients with multiple extractions, dental phobia/anxiety, or special needs.

It is best in all cases of sedation that the patient receives a ride to and from their appointment, thereby reducing the risk of harm to themselves and others on the road.

Is a Renovo Dental Extraction Your Only Option?

Most people want to save as many of their teeth as possible; living with all their teeth for their entire lifetime is ideal.

However, when a tooth is compromised due to trauma, decay, or gum disease, extraction may be required.

Thankfully, not every situation requires an extraction. In some cases, an endodontic procedure is a viable option.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Getting an Extraction

Our dental specialists will thoroughly discuss all options with each patient. If there is a chance that the tooth can be saved, we want to help our patients achieve that goal.

In some cases, due to cost, bone loss, or other scenarios, the tooth cannot be saved. If this happens, our team will discuss prosthetic options to help the patient replace the lost tooth and keep adjacent teeth, gums, and bones healthy.

Why Consider Endodontic Therapy from Renovo Endodontics?

Endodontic treatment is one of the best ways to save a tooth that has a necrotic pulp or infection. Root canal therapy removes the diseased tissue while preserving most of the structure.

After cleaning the tooth, a dentist rebuilds the tooth with restorative materials, either a composite resin or a lab-fabricated metal buildup. Once the buildup is placed, the tooth is prepared for a dental crown, which will protect the tooth structure and add stability.

A tooth that has undergone root canal treatment can last for decades, sometimes even a lifetime, if it is well-maintained with proper home care and regular dental visits.

Consult a Specialist if You Still Have Questions

There are so many things to think about when deciding which treatment option to choose. It can feel overwhelming, which is why we highly recommend never committing to something if you do not feel 100% confident about it.

Renovo has a diverse team of dental specialists who can review your case and evaluate which options are best.

Our goal is to provide you with the best care possible to ensure that you are fully confident in whatever treatment course you decide to take.

Should you get a root canal or extraction? Let’s discuss the pros and cons of each type of treatment. Schedule your consultation today.

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