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Endodontic Technology: Dental Operating Microscope


Have you ever laid down to have a dental procedure and wondered what, exactly, were all those tools hovering over your head? Besides the bright light to help your endodontist see more clearly, the other piece of equipment you’re looking at is probably a dental operating microscope.

Before operating microscopes, it was common for dentists and surgeons to wear loupes, which are glasses with lenses attached. These were originally created by jewelers and watchmakers to see small objects, and while they are certainly an improvement to the naked eye, they are not as powerful or effective as the surgical microscope.

The surgical microscope was adopted by the dental field about 30 years ago. Just like any microscope, it is used to multiply the endodontist’s field of vision and provide a more accurate, detailed view of the tooth and surrounding structures. These microscopes have a higher power of magnification than loupes can provide, and they are self-supported devices that put less strain on the user.


Some of the benefits of dental operating microscopes include:

  1. A more accurate depiction of gum health, tooth structure, and surface texture
  2. Discovery of smaller abnormalities and injuries
  3. Earlier detection of small issues before they turn into larger problems
  4. More accurate, predictable, and effective treatment

While all dental professionals can use an operating microscope (link to blog post), they are particularly important for endodontists in performing root canal treatments. Not all teeth have the same number of root canals, and sometimes they can be invisible to the naked eye. Using a microscope during the procedure ensures that no root canals are missed and the treatment is accurate and effective. A study has shown that detection of additional root canals increases from 52% to 90% when an operating microscope is used.

Dental operating microscopes were once exclusive technology, but they are now fairly standard for an endodontic office. If you show up for a procedure and your endodontist does not have a dental operating microscope, it could indicate that they don’t use the most precise technology—and in turn, you may not be getting the best treatment possible.

When you come to Renovo, you can be confident that all our endodontists use only the best tools and equipment to provide you with the most accurate, effective, and comfortable treatment.

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