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endoperio lesion

This patient presented to our office for a 3rd opinion on her infected tooth (#30). Her general dentist and 2 other specialists were unwilling to treat this tooth due to the the perceived hopeless prognosis of the case. Using all of our treatment and diagnosis modalities including careful clinical exam and 2D/3D radiographic survey, we could not definitively identify the presence of a non-restorable fracture. Interestingly, the tooth was non-mobile, but we were able to probe to the apex of the distal root, qualifying this as a true combined endo-perio lesion. Although we could not guarantee success at the pre-operative evaluation, this patient was extremely motivated to try and save her tooth. This case was completed in 2 visits with 6 weeks of Ca[OH]2 intracanal medicament. At the 6 month recall, we were able to demonstrate significant bony healing and was were also no longer able to probe to the apex on the distal aspect of the tooth. This tooth remains stable, asymptomatic and retains functionality. We were very happy with the results of this case.

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