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How to Become an Endodontist - What It Takes to Become a Specialist


Endodontists perform millions of root canals annually, upwards of 15 million by some estimates. That number doesn’t account for the many more patients who need endodontic retreatment or surgery each year. Needless to say, it’s a valuable and necessary field.

Endodontic treatment is needed to help patients get out of pain, either due to trauma or bacterial infection, and to help save their natural teeth. Recently, researchers found that the success rate for non-surgical endodontic treatment is over 88%. Some studies find even higher success rates of up to 98%.

To get these kinds of results, patients need access to endodontists with outstanding skills and the knowledge needed to reduce their pain and save their teeth.

That means, if you love helping people, endodontics might be the best career choice. Our guide will help you discover what it takes to become an endodontist and start a career with a high-quality dental studio like Renovo Endodontics.


How to Become an Endodontist - What It Takes to Become a Specialist

Traits That Make a Great Endodontist

Before we look at the endodontic education that dentists need to become specialists, we should first look at the qualities that make for a good endodontist. Endodontics—and dentistry in general—is not a good fit for everyone. Certain innate qualities are needed to have a successful career as an endodontist. If you have the following traits, endodontics might be an excellent path for you to pursue:

  • You’re comfortable with close, personal interaction with people
  • You’re a good listener
  • You’re a good communicator
  • You have a lot of compassion and empathy
  • You’re a detail-oriented person
  • You are a natural leader
  • You’re passionate about providing excellent care to those in need
  • You’re good at exercising patience
  • You have good hand-eye coordination

The Benefits of Becoming an Endodontic Specialist

Let’s say you have what it takes to become an endodontist. The next question you should ask yourself is whether it’s worth it to put in the time, money, and effort it takes to reach that level of dental expertise.

Two primary considerations for many dentists are time and money:

  • Time: Endodontists are their own boss, meaning you can set your own schedule. Even in many endodontic studios—like Renovo Endo—you have freedom over your schedule. Work as many days as you want so you have time for personal goals, family responsibilities, and continuing education.
  • Money: The American Dental Association (ADA) recognizes 12 dental specialties. Endodontics is the second-highest paying dental specialty. Endodontists earn an average of $300,000 annually. Higher pay can help you pay off student loans faster, invest in your business (particularly the latest technology, which can make your job easier, faster, and more effective), and lead to financial freedom.

How to Become an Endodontist – What It Takes to Specialize in Endodontics

Our Renovo dental team would encourage anyone with the aforementioned qualities and goals to become an endodontist. However, there are other factors to consider before you decide to become a root canal specialist.

The Application Process

To become endodontic specialists, dentists need to join an endodontics residency program. To do that, they must first meet eligibility requirements, such as:

  • Holding a dental degree (DMD or DDS) from an accredited dental school
  • Being a U.S. citizen (or a permanent resident)
  • Passing the National Board Dental Examination by the application deadline

To apply for your residency, depending on the program, you’ll likely need to include:

  • A dental school transcript
  • Undergraduate/graduate transcript
  • A personal essay

Other information may also be required. For example, the University of Illinois Chicago Endodontic program requirements include:

  • Completing an online PASS application
  • A personal statement regarding why you want to join the program
  • Dental school transcripts
  • TOEFL exam results for international students
  • ADAT
  • National Board scores
  • Three letters of recommendation
Additional Schooling Needed

How long does it take to become an endodontist? People who want to specialize in endodontics will need around 10-11 years of education after high school. Here’s a breakdown of what that often looks like:

  • Four years of undergraduate studies
  • Four years of dental school
  • Two to three years of endodontic training and residency
The Financial Cost of Becoming an Endodontist

While endodontic specialists earn more money per year than general dentists, they’ll also have more student debt. The average endodontist owes $533,000 after graduation, averaging over $145,000 more than a general dentist, according to the financial experts at

The Best Endodontic Education

There are just under 60 endodontic specialty programs in the United States, and the admission requirements for each are rigorous and highly selective. The doctors at Renovo have trained all across the country, and some of the programs represented in our practice include:

  • University of Illinois Chicago
  • University of North Carolina
  • Saint Louis University in Missouri
  • Case Western University
  • University of California Los Angeles
The Recruitment Process

Would you like to work for a specialist practice like Renovo Endodontic Studio? To do so, you’ll need to present us with a copy of your license and a resume. During the interview, you’ll get to know our team. At this time, all parties involved will get to see if working together is ideal—and if it is, we’ll invite you to join our team!

Start Your Endodontic Career with Renovo Endodontic Studio

As an endodontic specialist, where you practice is just as important as how you practice. To best serve your patients, you need to be surrounded by a team that has your high standard of care and your patients’ best interests at heart.

This is precisely what you’ll find at Renovo Endodontics. Our team of skilled Chicagoland endodontists is dedicated to providing our patients with the very best care in microsurgical endodontics.

Our family-owned boutique has now grown to seven locations, thanks to the exceptional endodontists that have joined our team. We hope that you’ll be one of them! We welcome you to apply for a position in our endodontic studio today.

Renovo Endodontics is a diverse group of endodontists that are dedicated to providing exceptional care to all our patients. If you’d like to join us, contact us to learn more about our application and hiring process.

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