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Top 5 Things to Know About a Front Tooth Root Canal

Top 4 things to know about a front tooth root canal

When people think about a root canal, they often imagine treatment on a back tooth. Did you know that people often need this endodontic treatment on their front teeth, too?

It is not uncommon for people to endure some sort of accident (traffic accident, sports mishap, or an accident around the home) that damages one or multiple front teeth.

Trauma can fracture a tooth, cause a deep crack into the nerve of the tooth, or completely knock it out.

In these situations, it is important to visit an endodontic studio as soon as possible.


Top 5 Things to Know About a Front Tooth Root Canal

5 Things All Patients Need to Know About Front Tooth Root Canals

Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering whether to invest in a visit to Renovo Endodontic Studio.

1. The Procedure Will Help Reduce Any Pain You Experience

One of the main concerns our patients have about getting root canal therapy (RCT) is that it will hurt. Rest assured, we anesthetize the tooth and gum tissue before the procedure and ensure that the patient is numb throughout.

Any pain associated with needing a root canal is discomfort already felt prior to the procedure and caused by the trauma and/or the pulp infection. Endodontic treatment provides the patient with relief.

As with any dental procedure, some tenderness post-treatment is common. Patients can experience some gum or tooth soreness, as well as jaw discomfort. Over-the-counter pain medication or prescription medication can help, as can an icepack.

Note: If you experience extreme pain or pressure that does not get better or gets progressively worse after a few days, we urge you to call us. This is not a normal reaction, and we want to take care of anything serious, such as an infection.

2. Without Treatment You Could Lose the Tooth

Some patients are so worried that they will experience pain during an RCT that they avoid treatment for as long as possible. Others do not experience pain. Therefore, they think: “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”

Unfortunately, failing to treat the tooth can lead to:

  • Pain (if they have not yet experienced it)
  • Worsening, prolonged pain
  • Loss of the tooth
  • Damage to surrounding structures including gum tissue, bone, and adjacent teeth

In some cases, if a patient has an infection that is not treated, it can spread not only to other teeth but to other areas of the body, including:

  • The brain
  • The heart
  • Any weak areas of the body (an artificial joint, for example)

3. Front Teeth Have Fewer Root Canals Than Back Teeth

Why does this matter?

First, fewer canals often mean less time in the dental chair. As you can imagine, the time it takes to complete a single canal procedure—versus the time for a tooth with four canals—is significantly shorter. We know our patients love our team, but that does not mean they want to spend more time in the dental chair than absolutely necessary.

Second, fewer canals often equate to reduced healing time. Patients experience a faster recovery time after a front tooth root canal.

4. You Do Not Always Need to Crown a Front Tooth After an RCT

For the most part, we highly recommend securing a tooth with a crown after root canal therapy. It adds strength to the tooth and protects it from the force teeth endure from biting and chewing.

Sometimes, though, a tooth is in good shape. It has not sustained a lot of damage from decay or an infection, and the gum tissue and bone surrounding the tooth are healthy and strong. In these cases, it may be sufficient to simply clean and fill the root canals, build up the tooth, and seal it with a composite filling. Your general dentist will help you decide which option would be

best to protect the tooth.

Proceeding in this way can help save time and money. Plus, your tooth will always look and feel natural, because it is.

5. We Can Whiten a Front Tooth That Has Had Root Canal Treatment

When the pulp of a tooth dies, the tooth no longer receives blood and nutrients. This often results in discoloration—sometimes the tooth turns a gray hue—which can be disheartening, since it is a front tooth. It is something people see every time you smile or speak.

For a long time, the only option was to crown the tooth. If the patient could not afford that, they might either try to learn to accept their discolored tooth or attempt to conceal it by hiding or covering their smile.

Thankfully, dental researchers and manufacturers have found a way to whiten the tooth from the inside out.

The dentist can remove the buildup and place a whitening material in the tooth. They may achieve the desired result after one round of whitening, or they may need several.

Once the tooth is brightened to the desired shade, the dentist can place a new buildup in the tooth and re-seal it with composite material.

Practicing Good Home Care Can Increase the Success Rate of Your Treatment

After-care is crucial to the success of endodontic treatment. Practicing good home care will help reduce the risk of:

  • Dental decay
  • Gum or tooth infection
  • Periodontal disease

In addition to home care, regular dental visits are vital. An annual exam, twice-annual cleanings, and regular dental x-rays will help your dentist make sure your teeth, gums, and jawbone remain healthy.

Why Choose Renovo Endodontic Studio for Root Canal Treatment?

There are many reasons to choose Renovo for root canal therapy, including:

  1. High-quality service
  2. A diverse team who is invested in you
  3. Convenience without compromise

We are committed to providing the highest-quality endodontic care in the Chicagoland area. Renovo offers unbiased and honest second opinions. We always prioritize the patient’s needs over our own egos.

We have multiple endodontic specialists with diverse backgrounds who can relate to the patients who live in our communities. Our specialists are caring, compassionate, and strive to make our patients feel welcome and comfortable.

Finally, multiple providers mean multiple locations, which makes excellent dental care easier and convenient for our busy patients.

Ready to learn more about Renovo Endodontic Studio? Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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